About Us

INTEGRITY and HONESTY form the pillar of our business successes.

Distinguished effort to maintain the highest ETHICAL CODE OF CONDUCT in our day to day business administration and management.

EFFICIENCY and SPEEDY response to our valued customers and partners, assurance of prompt and excellent services to all our counterparts. 

Escalating VALUE FOR MONEY practices in our goods and products to the public and community, ensuring freshest ingredients and reasonable pricing mechanism.

With the above, it brings about our noble intention in our daily trades here at CB Frozen Food


Servicing the Malaysian, the regional and global markets since 1998, CB Frozen Food positions itself strategically within our state-of-the-art warehouse and cold rooms from Selayang, Batu Caves in Selangor, Malaysia. With the ultimate goal of rendering supreme services to all institutions and customers, serving the very best and finest of dry and frozen food, CB Frozen Food counts in a diversified pool of clientele base. 

We distribute all sort of frozen food products and meal solutions to colleges and universities, hospitals, restaurant chains, convenience stores, wet markets, supermarket and hypermarkets, wholesaler of frozen food marts and many other food services channels nationwide.

Since our inception, we have been supplying a wide range of frozen food products to local and overseas markets. Our long established relationships with our suppliers from many diverse countries namely Singapore, China, India, Vietnam and Belgium, have successfully guaranteed our dynamic growth and led us to become one of the key players in the frozen food industry.

CB Frozen Food has gone through the various challenges and hardships in the market over the past decade or so, has rendered us considerable experience to ensure continuous improvement within our organization.  Cohesiveness and great teamwork among divisions of our company has been massively promoted internally to give birth to the best management team to be fully reflected to our valued clients.


Our depot and warehousing facilities span over 20,000 square foot of specifically designed and composed to ensure the best storage of our products.  Comprehensive cold rooms are masterly installed with the best assurance of freshest storage procedures. Over 100 professionally trained staffs are deployed to operate the ever-busy and efficient incoming and outgoing stocks, maintaining the highest order of proficiency in their day-to-day dealings. With our far-reaching facilities, we are proud to state that we are able to ensure stocks availability at all time with most well preserved products on the back of friendly and prompt delivery and customer service.

Among our products stocked up are:

  • Frozen Seafood Varieties – Scallops, Salmon, Dory Fish, Prawns and more
  • Frozen Meat – Chicken, Beef, Lambs and more
  • Frozen Tempuras
  • French Fries and Nuggets
  • Frozen Pastry
  • Noodles
  • Fishcakes
  • Steamboat Food Supplies 
  • Fresh Shabu-Shabu
  • Potatoes and other Greens
  • Meal Solutions and Packs


We specially invite you to contact us or visit our online page at for our great range offerings. We carry our specially nurtured prominent and established in house brands such as DODO, CB, CYL, De First and PFT. Our products are seen on the many shelves of established supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. We are easily accessible via our branches network in Selayang, Ampang, Kajang, Nilai, Melaka and Bangi.

CB Frozen Food, the ideal supplier of all your frozen food, freshness, varieties and competitive pricing assured!